Tier II Reporting

Attention Tier 2 Facilities

Effective immediately the Lewis and Upshur County Local Emergency Planning Committee will only accept digital Tier 2 Data created with the latest 2014 EPA Tier 2 Submit software. This is necessary to help us create a more robust data collection system using the CAMEOfm suite of emergency programs. This will also help both us and your workplace meet the recommendations of Executive Order 13650.

Start by going to the EPA website at http://www2.epa.gov/epcra/tier2-submit-software and download either the Windows or Macintosh software. The size of the files and what version OS is required is listed on the webpage. These files are relatively small at 26 and 36 MB, but if you do have downloading problems, you can download them anywhere and save them to a disc or thumb drive. If you still have trouble the LEPC will mail you a disc with the programs.

Once you install the Tier 2 Submit program on a host computer, it will create a relational database that will keep vital business and safety information available to you that can be used for many purposes and easily updated throughout the year.

The software is free, and it is a fill in the blanks format. On the download page there is also a comprehensive help section that will answer almost any question you may have about Tier 2 reporting. There is also a hot link in the software that will bring you to the help site. Once you have filled in the mandatory questions you can start adding any supporting documentation such as site plans, using any standard format by attaching that document in the ‘attachments’ section.

In addition to the Lewis and Upshur LEPC, the State of WV is also requiring electronic submission. We are both using the same software. If you need help with your Lewis - Upshur electronic submission phone 304-472-4983.

Neither Lewis County nor Upshur County have a county-wide fire department, nor is the zip code of your facility a reliable indicator as to what fire district it is within. You will have to choose the correct fire agency for each facility. Fire District maps for each county in WV are located at http://www.mapwv.gov/maps-fire.php .

Once you have created your file use the Tier 2 Submit export feature to compress this zip file. If the file is larger than 10 MB, which is the limit file size for many email systems, copy the file to a memory stick, CD or DVD disc. Please include the name of the facility and a contact phone number with the disc in case it is unreadable on arrival and mail it to:

Lewis – Upshur County LEPC
181 Pallottine Drive
Buckhannon, WV 26201

If the file is smaller than 10 MB you may email the file to UpshurCoOEM@hotmail.com . Do not send any money to the local LEPC, all Tier 2 payments are made to the state. Remember all submissions must be made no later than March 1, 2015. Even though you are reporting your chemical inventory for the previous calendar year, please submit the most current emergency contact information.

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