Active Members

The Following Agencies and Corporations are “Active Members” of the LEPC.

1. Elected Local Officials
           Upshur County Commission
           Lewis County Commission

2. Law Enforcement
           City of Buckhannon Police
           Lewis County Sheriff

3. Fire Fighting
           WV State Fire Marshall
           Weston FD
           Banks District VFD
           Buckhannon FD
           Jane Lew VFD

4. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
           Upshur EMS
           Lewis County EMS

5. 9-1-1
           Upshur County 911
           Lewis County 911

6. Office of Emergency Services (OES)
           Upshur County OEM
           Lewis County OEM

7. Public Health Directors
           Upshur County Health Department
           Lewis County Health Department

8. Races (Amateur Radio)

9. Citizen Corps Council
           Upshur County CERT
           Lewis County CERT

10. Regional Response Team
           Region 4 Response Team

11. Behavioral Health
           Appalachian Community Health Center

12. Hospitals
           St. Joseph’s
           Stonewall Jackson Memorial
           Holbrook on the Hill

13. Transportation
           WV Department of Highways

14. Broadcast and Print Media
           The Record Delta

15. Owners/Operators of "Covered Facilities”
           Chesapeake Energy Corporation
           Consol Energy
           Viking Pools
           XTO Energy
           Upshur County Airport Authority

16. Interested Community Groups           

17. Other interested public as deemed appropriate by the LEPC
           JH Consulting

(Last updated 10-24-12)

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