Mission Statement

To enhance the protection of the community and the environment from the hazardous incidents through planning, preparation, and communication between citizens, businesses, and government.

Chairman's Message:

The Lewis/Upshur Counties LEPC is a very active organization charged by Federal Statute (The Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know Act) to plan for all types of hazards and potential emergency situations or events. The LEPC also works closely with the local Office of Emergency Management in developing and exercising these critical plans.

The LEPC has approximately 35 active members who represent the Emergency Response, Law Enforcement and Health Care Disciplines, private citizens, Elected Officials, and Local Business and Industry Representatives from both Lewis and Upshur Counties.

Our planning efforts include, but are not limited to, a General County Emergency Operations Plan for each County, a Commodities Flow Study of Hazardous Chemical transportation through our Counties, a Risk & Vulnerability Analysis of these chemicals and their use locations, human and pet sheltering plans, and locations during any evacuation situation just to mention a few. These planning efforts include everything from flooding and severe weather to hazardous material events.

The LEPC meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at 12:00 pm, the public is welcome.

James Gum

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